7 Insider Secrets on “How to Lose Weight and STILL Eat Your Favourite Foods.

The Next Steps to Weight Loss

Being overweight sucks. Nothing fits anymore. You dread having your photo taken. You don’t want to be seen in your swimming costume. You’re always tired. You might have aches and pains, muscle stiffness, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and breathing problems or even worse depression.  You just need to lose weight is what you are thinking..

“Go on a diet,” people say. “Eat healthy food; join a gym.”

If only it were that easy, you think.

There’s so much misinformation out there.

Fad diets. Expensive weight-loss shakes. Big, bold claims that end up being way too good to be true. ‘Losing 10 pounds in 24 hours’, or ‘dropping a dress size overnight’, is extremely unlikely. The list goes on and on and on. If you’ve tried any of these ‘solutions’, you know it’s BS. If you haven’t, don’t waste your time — or your cash.

But here’s the thing:

Have you ever wondered why some people eat anything they want but never get fat? They guzzle calorific milkshakes and stuff themselves on fries and burgers and cookies and chips. They always stay slim. So what’s the deal with that? Well, according to science, it’s all about timing.

Tip 1: Timing Your Food Speeds Up Weight Loss

Science suggests that maintaining a healthy figure has less to do with what you eat than when you eat it. Timing your food intake could influence weight loss according to one study, with ‘late eaters’ — people who eat lunch at a later time in the day — displaying a slower rate of weight loss over a 20-week period.

I know what you’re thinking. Surely it doesn’t matter whether you eat a salad at 11 a.m. or 11 p.m. But, participants in the study who consumed food at irregular times were more likely to have bad eating habits.

Tip 2: Excessive Calorie Deficits Lead to Weight Gain

Eating at a calorie deficit isn’t always the answer to weight loss. People who diet eventually stumble because calorie restriction often results in weight gain. Extreme diets require you to eat very little food, sometimes as little as 400 calories a day.

Never starve yourself

When this happens, your body goes into starvation mode, and you end up storing more fat. They key is to eat more calories at pivotal moments in the day.

“If you need to tip the balance scale in the direction of losing weight, keep in mind that it takes approximately 3,500 calories below your calorie needs to lose a pound of body fat,” recommends the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Your weight loss goals

“To lose about one to two pounds per week, you’ll need to reduce your caloric intake by 500 to 1000 calories per day.” Reduce it by more, and you could actually prevent further weight loss.

Tip 3: Fad Diets Just Don’t Work

In 2010, 54 percent of Americans said they were on a diet, with weight loss market revenue in the United States totaling $61 billion. Plus, many manufacturers of diet products — weight loss shakes, healthy foods, nutrition pills, etc. — only offer their products online.

Diet products versus regular groceries

They charge whatever they like because they have a market monopoly. Wouldn’t it work out cheaper if you could purchase healthy foods and diet products from regular supermarkets? Imagine you could lose weight with everyday food items just by scheduling your meals! Right?

Scource: http://healthresearchfunding.org/23-exceptional-fad-diet-statistics/

Tip 4: Some So-Called “Healthy Foods” are Full of Sugar

Perhaps you’re already eating healthy meals, but you haven’t lost any weight. That’s because some manufacturers load these foods with sugar and other nasty stuff. This has a snowball effect, with you craving more sugary foods and packing on those additional pounds.

We need glucose but…..

“Even though our cells need glucose to survive, consuming too much of it can cause numerous health problems,” says Joseph Nordqvist, writing for Medical News Today. “Added sugar contains no beneficial nutrients and, in excess, only contributes to tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity.” Sugary foods aren’t always bad if you consume them in moderation, but you need to know the right time to eat them.

Tip 5: Energy Foods Cause an Energy Crash

People think energy foods are healthy, unaware that some meals sap their energy. These include popular breakfast items — cereals, grains, etc. that contain lots of sugar .

Your brain says you are still hungry

When this happens, your energy levels crash, shortly followed by your metabolism. To compensate, your body craves sugar later in the day, and you end up overeating foods that are high in carbohydrates.

Retrain your brain

Eating high-energy foods at a different stage of the day could have the opposite effect. In fact, you could retrain your brain and control your sugar cravings just by eating at a different time.

This is an example of ‘biohacking’, a sort of do-it-yourself biology where you convince your body to do what you want it to.

Tip 6: Watch Out for Bloating Foods and Pre-Packaged Meals

Some foods cause water retention. These should be consumed in the evening, so you don’t look bloated during the day. (Your body gets rid of up to four cups of water at night).

Pre-packaged foods which you already know are bad for you.

These contain chemicals that could lead to fungi growing in your stomach over time — something that would cause stress and heaps of other health conditions.

Tip 7: Healthy Foods Contain Histamine

Some food items cause your body to create too much histamine, a chemical that aids your immune system and digestive processes. Histamine intolerance leads to bloating and other side effects, so you need to pay attention to it.

How histamine affects us

“Histamine intolerance is caused when the body has more histamine than it can break down,” says Hollywood Homestead. “Normally, the body can break down histamine using amine oxidases enzymes. Diamine oxidase (DAO) is the main enzyme in charge of breaking down histamine in food.

If you consume too much histamine….

your body might not be able to handle the load.” To counteract this problem, foods that contain histamine — cured meats, alcohol, foods that contain vinegar, etc. — should be consumed at the right time.

The Solution to More Effective Weight Loss

It kind of follows by implication that consumers are looking for weight loss solutions that don’t require them to restrict calories, skip meals, or order expensive products online.

Avoid foods that cause an energy crash and histamine intolerance and weight gain.

This is the motivating factor behind  a brand new weight loss program for people who are  looking to burn fat.

There are no magic pills.

You won’t lose 10 pounds in a few hours. And you certainly won’t drop a dress size overnight. However, you could lose weight quickly and naturally by eating gut-busting foods at the right time of the day.

With this program…

you’ll drop unwanted body fat, boost your metabolism and increase lean muscle mass. Plus, you’ll look and feel much better; you’ll wake up with more energy and transform your body composition just by timing your meals.

Are you tired of weight loss programs?

This is a program for people who are sick of weight loss programs. This is a program for people who struggle to lose weight. It’s for people who are fed up with fad diets and ready to toss in the towel. It’s all about timing your food intake to optimize fat burning.

Making Better Food Choices 

The weight loss program talks about healthier food options for people who are serious about fat burning. Endothermic foods are good choices. These make ideal lunch selections because they burn fat naturally. Think grilled chicken or lean pork chop or fresh sirloin burger.

Give your immune system a bit of help

Additionally, enzymatic foods are those packed full of digestive enzymes, which give your immune system a much-needed boost. These are great for breakfast time.

Eating these foods alongside healthy fats and fruits could prevent you from getting colds, aches, and joint pain. Still, these also need to be consumed at the right time of the day to see optimum results.

How to Enjoy Food and Lose Weight 

The  program also teaches the importance of enjoyment when burning fat. This sounds easier said than done, but having fun when losing weight will have a positive effect on your mind — and your body.

Is stress causing your weight gain?

For people who have previously purchased expensive diet pills and nutrition products that didn’t work, enjoying the dieting process might sound like a huge challenge. However, studies show a direct correlation between stress and weight gain, so try to relax.

What You Get

The fat burning program comes with a meal planner blueprint so users can pick the right foods to eat at the appropriate time. There’s a grocery guide with tips on how to choose the right foods when shopping and a weight loss handbook with diet hacks, too.

Who is it for?

It’s all been designed for people who want to lose weight without any of the usual fuss. Plus, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, which provides you with the peace of mind you need.

Guides to help you shop, plan and eat out

This brand new program also features several bonuses for users who sign up to the program, including a fast food guide, a workshop for joint pain and customer support.

Staying on target with added support

‘Super’ bonuses include access to an elite support community, where dieters can exchange tips, recipes, and advice, and the chance to call a team member once a month to discuss your progress.

Have you ever failed in the past?

“This diet is for people who desire to lose ten or more pounds and to do so without starvation discomfort or confusion,” says a spokesperson for the program. “It’s for people who are curious as to why diets have failed in the past and for those who wonder if they can ever get the body they want.

Avoid bloating and water retention

The program is designed for people interested in finding out if the foods they eat trigger water retention and bloating simply because of when they are eating them.”


Right now, there are more overweight people in the US than ever before — 36 percent of American adults are now considered obese, according to research — and many dieters who are falling into the same weight loss traps.

Stop making the same mistakes!

People are purchasing expensive diet products online, starting fad diets and making poor food choices.

This program plans to change that.

It’s been designed for people who want to get healthy and lose weight quickly by timing their meals throughout the day. This program   could change the way you way you eat forever. Users still consume the foods they love without having to worry about the consequences.

No fuss, no frills

Better yet, there’s no calorie counting or weighing food. By adjusting the times you consume your food,  you could increase your chances of losing weight over a longer period — and prevent it from returning again.

Source: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-statistics/Pages/overweight-obesity-statistics.aspx

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